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HDB BTO Renovation

Planning to makeover your HDB BTO flat with a renovation? Whether you are deciding to embark on a 2 room BTO renovation to a 4 room BTO renovation project, Darwin Interior Singapore offers renovation packages for 2 to 5 room BTO renovation plans.

Our team of expert designers have turned countless BTO homeowner’s dream home into reality. With years of experience in the design industry, apartments such as 4 room BTOs are customised by our designers according to client’s renovation ideas and ideals.

Looking to revamp your 4 room BTO as well? Draw inspiration from our featured projects that showcase a wide range of renovation ideas and styles. If these projects have sparked interior ideas, contact us for a consultation on the different types of HDB BTO renovation packages available.

Popular BTO Renovation Ideas in Singapore

Our HDB BTO renovation packages include essential services such as space planning, carpentry work and consultation in colour schemes and overall design appearance. We offer a full suite of services and a team of experienced professionals to guide you through the process of your BTO renovation in Singapore.

Over the years, we have observed that HDB homeowners can play with three essential elements when planning out their BTO renovation projects-be it a small scale 2 room BTO renovation or a large-scale 5 room BTO renovation.

  1. Space

Limited space can cramp your plans to deck your BTO out with new furniture and ornamental decorations. However, your BTO renovation will not be derailed by space limitations. In fact, we believe that the most innovative designs come out of these limitations in Singapore.

  1. Light

Using different types of lighting ornaments and tones can greatly influence the design and look of your HDB BTO flat. Consider switching up your lighting ornaments as part of your renovation plan.

  1. Colour

Keep your colour palettes complementary across rooms and furniture. Stick to a standard base colour for your walls and flooring. Switch up the colour choices for your couch, lamps and tables to introduce flashes of colour into your BTO flat.

Having worked on numerous projects, our team of designers have a wealth of experience in navigating and delivering successful BTO renovations in Singapore.

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