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Project Overview

The homeowners are a young couple into the Scandinavian-inspired, bright and airy look. Which translates to purposeful, uncluttered simplicity. Simplicity is often confused with simple. And because of that, the mind is often tricked into believing that what looks “simple” must be easy to achieve. The truth is that when it comes to achieving simplicity in design, the process is never simple. Too basic, and you run the risk of having a result that’s stark, sterile, and cold. Go the other way without a controlled approach to fight starkness? Then you get a busy and cluttered outcome that’s far from seamless. We believe it’s about exercising a calibrated touch.

Aside from space planning, the designer curated references through rigorous research and elimination. These included furniture selection, display accessories, and soft goods. The level of attention to detail had to be comprehensive and meticulous. Considerations had to go towards colour, scale, proportion, contrast, sheen, texture, layering, and placement. The basis of selection couldn’t be purely aesthetic. Selections that made the cut also had to be durable, functional, easy to maintain and suitable for the homeowners’ lifestyle habits.

The homeowners trusted the process and understood the importance of staying on-theme. All the above resulted in a refined flow that is both cohesive and harmonious.





Our Involvement

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Client’s Involvement

Unwavering commitment

Trusting the process

Project Takeaways

Experience – Is it absolutely necessary?

Experience is generally regarded as important. But youth does not definitely equate to a lack of know-how.

On the flip-side, what will your confidence level be towards a designer who may have plenty of experience, but doesn’t bother to be updated?

Themes – Homeowners are always a big part of the equation towards the outcome

“Her skill in keeping my husband’s eccentric ideas in line was remarkable”

The truth is, the interior designer’s professional mission is to create something they can be proud of. For us at least, your home will be a part of the badges we wear, and we’ll want to wear it with pride.

“He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted.” A home renovation is a collaborative process between the designer and the homeowners. All parties have to work from a base level of alignment towards the look and feel. This is especially the case for thematic design styles. Attention to detail is required in not just the loose furniture selection. It also extends towards all display accessories including plants – right down to species, size and height, and even the pot used. These aspects affect the harmony, flow and cohesiveness. Because the whole is the sum of its parts.

Client Testimonial

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I’m delighted to share my outstanding experience with Darwin Interior.

Our interior designer infused our home with fresh, innovative ideas that truly brought it to life. Her ability to manage last minute requests and stay within budget without compromising on quality was commendable, making the entire renovation process stress-free.

Her timely responses and valuable suggestions for themes/colours, layout and furnitures made our home truly special.

I was also especially impressed with her willingness to accommodate our ideas and incorporate gadgets like pull-down racks and a dishwasher despite space restrictions in our 3-room flat. It added so much convenience to our daily lives.

Even after the handover, their aftercare was exceptional, going above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction with the design and functionality. Additionally, her skill in keeping my husband’s eccentric ideas in line was remarkable, resulting in a harmonious and stylish space.

It’s incredible to see such talent and professionalism in a young designer. I highly recommend to anyone in need of a brilliant ID. Thank you Darwin Interior and its trusted contractors for transforming our home into a beautiful and functional haven!




A mere space turns into an adaptive, magazine-worthy home with plenty of character.

Personalised, not customised.