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Condo Interior Design in Singapore

Own a condo in Singapore? Finding the best resources, furniture and colour schemes to create a beautiful interior design can be challenging for first-time homeowners, especially. It can be helpful to think about what you would like to focus on for your condo when it comes to the interior design services in Singapore.

What parts of your condo interior are you planning to renovate in design? Our portfolio of renovation works feature diverse aesthetic styles and furniture selections. View our collection of luxury and minimalist condo interior design features in Singapore.

Living in Singapore? Small Condo Interior Design Ideas

Often, living in a condo in Singapore means that you have to deal with the problem of space and the constraints it often imposes on your living arrangements and structure.

Having limited space to work with in your condo should not necessarily impede on your ability to innovate a little bit with the interior design. Our team in Singapore is experienced with building new and fresh interior ideas for smaller condos.

  1. Doubling on space

As condo apartments tend to be smaller in space, smart interior design concepts in Singapore take advantage of dual-purpose furniture and architectural elements such as ornamental shelving. Installing cabinets or drawers under your seating areas and building vertical shelves that act as decorative elements with dimension for storage.

  1. Leveraging functionality

If you are low on the number of rooms, turn one of your rooms into a multi-purpose gym and study room. Create dual storage spaces that allow you to easily pull out a table for work or roll out a mat for some quick exercise.

In Singapore, most condo apartments tend to be small, so installing mirrors is an easy way to visually maximise space in your interior design.

For Unique Condo Interior Design Concepts, Contact Us in Singapore

As one of the leading industry leaders in Singapore, we have built a diverse portfolio of featured HDB and condo interior design projects and services. We offer renovation and interior design packages for first-time homeowners who need a little bit of guidance in designing their new homes.

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