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3 Room – $22,688
4 Room – $22,788
5 Room – $22,888


Design Service and Miscellaneous

  • Interior design and space planning layout
  • Consultation selection of home furnishing
  • Designer’s 3D computerised drawing
  • Project management and supervision
  • Provide chemical washing and floor protection
  • Application for HDB renovation permit
  • 3 years warranty on workmanship

Masonry Work

  • Construct 50mm:
    • Cabinet base with tiles skirting
    • Washing machine base with tiles finish
    • Fridge base with tiles finish
  • Supply and lay waterproofing membrane for kitchen and both bathrooms
  • Supply and lay 300mm x 600mm:
    • Designer ceramic wall tiles for kitchen and both bathrooms (full height)
    • Designer homogeneous floor tiles for kitchen
    • Non-slip designer homogeneous floor tiles for both bathrooms
  • Replace stainless steel rubbish chute hopper, if applicable
  • Construct sink support with tiles finish using 63mm hollow blocks

Painting Work [Nippon]

  • Ceilings of kitchen and both bathrooms

Bathrooms Work

  • Supply and install aluminium WPC swing and slide door for both bathrooms

Carpentry Work

  • Design and fabricate 20ft kitchen cabinet in laminate finish complete with the following:
    • Double layer stainless steel dish rack
    • ABS trimming for all doors and drawers
    • Silent hinges for all doors
    • Soft closing for 4 sets of drawers
  • Labour to install cooker hood and hob
  • Supply and install 10ft solid surface table top

Hacking and Dismantling Work

  • Hack existing:
    • Flooring for kitchen and both bathrooms
    • Wall tiles for kitchen and both bathrooms
  • Provides haulage service and debris removal
  • To dismantle existing:
    • Kitchen cabinet, sink and stove support
    • W.C and wash basin
    • Doors and frame for both bathrooms

Plumbing Work

  • Replace stainless steel piping for kitchen and both bathrooms (cold point)
  • To lay inlet and outlet pipe for sink and washing machine
  • Labour to install:
    • W.C suite for both bathrooms
    • Wash basin and tap for both bathrooms
    • 2 units of instant heaters
    • Bathroom accessories for both bathrooms
    • Stainless steel double bowl sink and sink tap