A Gamer’s Twist

A Gamer's Twist

Nope, there is no error in the title of this article – This is indeed a gamer girl’s modern abode. Sharon and her family of four reside in this beautiful 4 room BTO apartment. From the furniture choice to the choice of laminates and wall texture we can see a consistent Victorian and modern influence throughout her home. Read through the rest of the article to discover where Sharon housed her gaming space.

Picture, top: Another look at Sharon’s living room. With proper space planning, a 4 room BTO can look spacious too as the living room connects to the kitchen seamlessly. A Victorian sofa set compliments the faux fur rugs and a chandelier specially selected by the designer herself.

Picture, above: A monochrome modern kitchen with a turquoise backsplash for easy maintenance and cleaning. The turquoise backsplash was also designed as an accent to add a pop of colours to the kitchen which would otherwise be too plain.

Sharon’s bathroom comes with concealed piping and a customised cabinet. Horizontal wall tiles were selected to give the bathroom a bigger illusion of space, while black floor tiles are both easy to maintain and a luxurious choice.

The gamers pad – Two customised gaming stations for Sharon and her husband complete with a reversible TV wall which can be turned 360 degrees to face either the bedroom or the gaming room. Best of both worlds.