Journey of a Baker

Journey of a Baker

Rachelle’s journey as a culinary blogger began at home, where it started off as a passion preparing hearty, home cooked meals for her friends and family. Experimenting with different internet recipes and personal improvisations, she began sharing pictures and recipes personally. Check out Rachelle’s dream home where her dreams began.

A peek into Rachelle’s living and dining area. A Carrara marble island counter sits fittingly as the highlight of the hallway where blogging activities take centerstage. The island acts as an area for sharing Rachelle’s freshly baked delights, an area for food photography, as well as a lounge area for friends to relax and catch up over a pot of freshly brewed tea.

Where the action takes place. A Chimney Hood in the kitchen keeps unpleasant smoke and odor away from the rest of the house while making a great décor piece! The entire kitchen is well-lit and white stain resistant laminate is used throughout the kitchen.

Rachelle’s teenage daughter’s bed and bathroom. Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are customized with European accents with a display area and full-length mirrors. Having sufficient storage keeps home-organization a piece of cake!

A predominantly white colour scheme permeates even into the bathroom, where a quirkier tile choice gives the bathroom a fresh vibe. The toilet retains a touch of luxury with a black marble quartz top and a row of black bricks as a unique accent.

Venture up a little flight of stairs and you will find yourself immersed in a cosy dressing and study space. The highlights here are the Broadway dressing mirror and the mood board for various fashion and beauty inspirations. Read on to discover Rachel’s master bedroom and bathroom in the next section.