Modern Zen with Artisan Crafts

Modern Zen with Artisan Crafts

Zen is a way of life, a peaceful state of mind, a sense of calmness and relaxation, and a personal interpretation of nirvana. In this recently completed home, our designer, Ah Kiat, beautifully executes this modern Zen interior through thoughtful planning in achieving harmonious colours, multiple elements of nature, a blend of minimalism, as well as handmade pottery and crafts made of wood, stone and clay.

Colour Harmony: Muted tones of brown are used throughout the house, in order to complement the natural elements such as the wood and stone textures used in both the bedrooms and living room.

Ornaments: A key differentiation between a well-designed home and a haphazardly designed one lies in the curation of ornaments and decorative items. A well-designed home curates ornaments with intent to enhance the living space, while a haphazard one randomly tries to fill up the living space with existing or impulsively purchased ornaments.

Can you imagine the living room with randomly curated action figures or modern artwork instead of the existing pottery work? What about a chandelier in the middle of the dining hall? It is important to consult your designer on the choice of ornaments or furnishing for the best outcome for your home.

Check out more photos of this BTO’s kitchen and bedroom below.

Image, Top: Common Room

Image, Top: Master Bedroom

Image, Top: Master Bedroom Toilet