Our Designer’s Home

Our Designer’s Home

Welcome to the home of one of our Chief Project Consultants, Briana Ng.
“Living in a resort style home helps me feel relaxed and cozy once I step in through the door.” Briana commented. Apart from comfort and relaxation, storage was also a pivotal point for Briana as she has zero tolerance for clutter as it affects the mood of the entire home. Check out our designer’s dream home in the rest of this feature.

Designer’s choice: A light Birch Wood laminate is used throughout the house for theme consistency and does not overwhelm the rest of the furnishings. Day and night curtains are used in the living and master bedroom for a relaxing mood while the study and guest rooms are fitted with light coloured blinds.

To solve storage woes, cabinets have been installed throughout Briana’s home. A platform bed in the guest room not only provides additional storage but also acts as a platform base for the bedside study table for light surfing before bedtime.

Both bedrooms come with a customised feature wall cum cabinet for the bed with gentle LED ambient lights that do not shine directly on the occupants when they are preparing themselves for bed. The lights also double as night lights for guests who prefer not to sleep in complete darkness.