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Darwin, defined.

Darwin Interior is a long-standing renovation brand born out a curiosity for all things interior. Built upon decades of expertise, we excel at distinguishing enduring elements from passing fads.

The Unassuming Story That’s Actually a

Unlike many fabled tales, there’s no rags-to-riches romanticism in the founding story here. Back in 1995, interior design was a subject of interest for the founder, Mr Ng.
He wasn’t exceptionally skilled, but did it anyway. And it just kept growing. Fast forward til today, and it’s close to 30 years since it all began. You can consider this some feat. Especially being in an industry rampant with renovation horror-stories in the news, and firms disappearing without a trace.

So, who’s Darwin?

Nobody. The name is completely random. It wasn’t named after any particular place or person. Strange but true.


The Real Deal


Our People

The firm comprises of a diverse demographic, from youthful 20-somethings to silver-haired seniors. We’d argue that this diversity makes the design process richer. Because there is no group-think, you’ll almost always never get the same opinions. Which allows for more inclusive and adaptive solutions that resonate with a wider audience.


“Design Philosophy”

Ever noticed the sheer frequency for words like “exude” or “timeless” in various design media? By now, you’d have realised that we’re all about being authentic, relatable, and highly practical. With us, you’ll never get conversations jam-packed with clichéd buzzwords. Which means, no fluff. And no design-speak either.

Our clients are humans, and we conduct actual conversations with them. As much as we need to understand them, they too need to understand us. As an interior design firm that works with a wide-ranging audience, what matters to us is the accuracy of the ideas conveyed. And how these visions are being translated and executed into the actual works. It’s straight-forward, unpretentious, and deeply personal.

We approach what we do with 3 core principles –

1. Harmony over balance.

Harmony is fluid, adaptable and evolving. Balance is finding an equilibrium to avoid tipping in either direction; never natural, always forced. Our preference is harmony.

2. Practical sensibilities over excessive flamboyance.

Practical sensibilities prioritise functionality, durability, ease of maintenance, and consequently making sensible choices. Excessive flamboyance is going for whatever may stand out, but proves poorly thought-out. We’re on the side of practical sensibilities.

3. Personalisation over customisation

Personalisation involves tailoring experiences to different requirements. Customisation often means limited options and selection from pre-defined options. We’ll always choose personalisation.

It shouldn’t be a gamble on the one putting your home together.
And we’re all-in, if you’re all-in.