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Senior Design Consultant

Forget about “Sales Designer” ads that proclaim you can make up to X digits a month.

Consider the fact that in every industry, only the top X% are better rewarded. And in this industry and role, it’s naive to think all that’s required to excel is to be an outright salesperson. You’d be better off in other trades.

There’s no denying that sales is a big part of the job. Because if you can’t provide enough value for homeowners to choose you, then there won’t be any design to speak of. Even if you literally live for it.

It’s debatable that the theory of anything with a sales element means there’s technically no “limit”. Because the fact is that both the one who wrote this and the one reading this are humans. And as humans, the numbers of hours we’re awake per day is finite. This same cap applies to the number of people you can consult per day. And again towards the number of projects you’re going to be able to handle at a time. So it’s not just about your salesmanship, technical ability or design excellence. Your capable capacity determines your destiny.

Let’s not even get started on the much-touted –
“attractive bonuses and incentives” – they let you see it, but do they gear you to reach it?
“support” – to what extent is the quality of support?
“work-life balance” – in an asian situation, you’d be lucky to get work-life harmony
“comprehensive training” – really? when the job has literally no barriers to entry?

We’re not saying that ads you come across mentioning all these are lying. But they only tell you the good stuff. Without mentioning that the good stuff is closely related to how much you put in – you reap what you sow.

Here’s what we believe those who make it as as interior designers have in them.

  1. Determination, Drive & Resilience – Not every person you meet will choose to go with you. And no one can get the right mentality out of you if you don’t have it.
  2. Passion – Much-used-and-abused word, but you need to have at least an interest and curiosity in interior design, and a commitment to stay updated.
  3. Expertise – Your clients are largely going to be homeowners. It’s the biggest ticket purchase most people make in their lives. And renovations come a close second. To be consistently chosen by homeowners, you have to be competent across many aspects. There’ll never be a client that says money is no object, please design as you like. Even when they don’t express it clearly, everyone has an idea of how much they can afford, and what their preferences are inside them. This means you have to be an expert communicator to proficiently provide workable solutions across various ages and backgrounds. You have to approach your design proposals with skill, awareness and care.
  4. Duty of Care – Always providing value through the manner you manage projects meticulously and reliably, and to always act in the client’s best interest.

And here’s what you need to be a Senior Design Consultant at
Darwin Interior

  1. A minimum of 1 year industry experience in Singapore
  2. Relevant Interior Design qualifications or background
  3. Portfolio and track record of past projects
  4. Client-servicing – IQ, EQ, AQ (adversity quotient)
  5. Demonstrate leadership to assume progressive pathways – Reject stagnation, you’ll have to grow and flourish here.

We understand if the above sounds too much for you to handle. And that all of a sudden, the role of an Interior Designer sounds unsexy and even daunting. But if you feel you already have all of the above, and genuinely believe you should be doing a lot better, then apply below.


Brand & Media Creative

Choose mediocrity.

Choose going through the motion. Choose that 9-5 grind. Choose being stuck in an office resembling a toilet cubicle. Choose being micro-managed to the hilt. Choose politicking. Choose an important-sounding job title but not living up to it. Choose hopelessly doomscrolling socials. Choose writing gibberish. Choose a digital trail worse than a natural disaster. Choose doing everything else other than what you’re really supposed to do. Choose creating incomprehensible decks. Choose soft toys, loads of it. Choose confusing modern with contemporary. Choose confusing contemporary with minimalistic. Choose cringey labels like “superstar designers”. Choose free gifts and promotions. Choose boosting each and every social media post. Choose mindlessly parroting what others post. Choose the buzzwords and vocabulary the industry uses and abuses. Choose taking photos with questionable angles. Choose not handling the work others produce with a minimum level of care and respect they deserve. Choose taking close-ups of non-related objects and delulu-thinking of them as artistic or abstract. Choose subscribing to pro-versions of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and not being able to use them proficiently. Choose producing photos with weird bluish-green tinges over everything. Choose adding more soft toys. Choose motion-sickness-inducing shaky POV videos using a gimbal.

Or you can choose to produce a body of work to look back upon with no regrets. That’s what we chose.

As a Brand & Media Creative at Darwin Interior, you’re responsible for

  • Capturing high-quality photographs and videos of our completed projects, events, and design process.
  • Editing, enhancing and animating visual content using professional software to ensure a polished and cohesive aesthetic in accordance with brand guidelines.
  • Translating specific content brief and art direction into execution in accordance with brand guidelines.
  • Having strong photography and videography skills, with the ability to capture and edit high-quality visual content.
  • Being familiar with social media platforms.
  • Having strong organizational and time management skills, with the ability to prioritise and meet deadlines.
  • Having a collaborative mindset and the ability to work effectively within a team.

Work Arrangement

5 day weekend-work week – Weds – Fridays including Saturdays and Sundays. Off on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Location – Ubi HQ

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